We humans are the most delightful little sponges, aren't we? We just go around soaking up ALL the energy around us and then wonder why we're feeling run down and lethargic.

Silly humans.

In this episode I talk about identifying if it's your energy or not (and why that's important instead of just clearing it). I share about my own experience of picking up people's muck (because I'm not immune) and the toll that it took on me. And why it's so important, especially as healers and helpers, to take care of our mojo (with a recipe for a delicious salt bath that'll clean you right up!)

If you don't already have it, make sure to download The Lightwalker's Guide to Energy Management which gets into this in detail, and lists several ways, for every level of experience, to clear your energy.  You can grab that here: https://serynamyers.podia.com/energyguide.

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